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Mabel’s Labels
Fundraising Program

Quick & Easy Online Fundraising for Schools & Clubs!
20% Commission on all sales. Get started in minutes.

Get Started with Fundraising

Need a fast & easy way to set up online fundraising for your organization?
Simply tell us who you are to get started right away.

Whether you’re trying to raise funds for your child's school, camp, daycare, dance group or sports team, it can be hard to find the right fundraiser to support your organization.

Why choose Mabel's Labels Fundraising?

20% Commission on all sales so you can hit your fundraising goals faster!

No minimums or time restrictions on when you can run your fundraiser so you can earn funds all year round.

100% Online fundraising so you don't need to worry about distribution or sorting.
We take care of everything and write your organization a cheque – just like that!

Mabel's Labels offers the best fundraising program for kids in schools all across the USA and Canada! Take your fundraising to the next level with Mabel's Labels:

No Sales Pressure and No Set End Date Just sign up and make 20% commission on all sales! It really is that simple!
Keep Kid's Stuff Out of Lost & Found Raising money is great, but so is keeping your lost & found empty. Mabel's Labels are ultra-durable, waterproof and laundry-safe, so everyone in your organization can avoid mix-ups and lost items.
Free Shipping We offer free shipping on all orders. Your supporters order online, and we send their labels directly to them. For free!
A Better Way to Raise Funds Families get tired of selling merchandise, candy, and cookie dough. Mabel's Labels Fundraising doesn’t require you spend time taking and fulfilling orders. Everything is online so you have time for more important things!
Free Hardcopy Flyers & Digital Resources We'll provide you with all the materials, support, and guidance you need to have a successful campaign.
Products Parents Love Mabel’s Labels are a popular and well-loved product by families everywhere! All the products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you’ll always feel good about promoting them.
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