1. Travel Label Pack
    Travel Label Pack

    A combo pack that includes labels designed for suitcases and everything else you take when you travel.

    Large Luggage Labels 99.06mm x 73.91mm (3.91" x 2.91")
    Large Rectangle Labels 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4" x 5/8")
  2. Silicone ID Bracelets
    Silicone ID Bracelets

    Reusable and waterproof silicone ID bracelets for kids. Perfect for travel, field trips and amusement parks.


    Includes 1 Bracelet.

    Choose from 3 sizes:

    • 14cm / 5-1/2" (2-4 years)
    • 16cm / 6-3/10" (5-8 years)
    • 18cm / 7" (9+ years)
  3. Personalized Plastic Bag Tags
    Personalized Plastic Bag Tags

    Tough, waterproof plastic name tags for personalizing backpacks, overnight bags and luggage.

    Plastic Tags 54mm x 64mm (2-1/8" x 2-1/2")
  4. Contact Info Labels
    Personalized Name Stickers

    Customizable with a name and a contact email or phone number for keeping track of big-ticket items.

    Labels 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4" x 5/8")
  5. Medical Alert Label Pack
    Medical Alert Label Pack

    A value pack of customizable labels and tags that alert caregivers of critical allergies and medical conditions.

    Labels 33.34mm x 53.18mm (1 5/16" x 2 3/32")
    Tags 54mm x 64mm (2-1/8" x 2-1/2")
  6. Custom Plastic Medical Tags
    Custom Plastic Medical Tags

    Large, durable plastic tags that can be personalized to list allergies, medical conditions, and emergency contact info.

    Plastic Tags 54mm x 64mm (2-1/8" x 2-1/2")
  7. Small Rectangle Labels
    Mini Custom Name Stickers

    Small and thin multi-purpose labels for identifying small, easily misplaced items.

    Labels 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2” x 5/16”)
  8. Custom Medical Tags
    Custom Medical Tags

    Waterproof, durable tags with maximum space to list medical conditions and emergency contact info.

    Metal Tags 57mm x 32mm (2-1/4" x 1-1/4")
    Special Price $5.25 Regular Price $10.50
  9. Kids' Medical Alert Labels
    Kid's Medical Labels

    Eye catching waterproof labels with maximum space to list medical conditions and emergency contact info.

    Labels 33.34mm x 53.18mm (1 5/16" x 2 3/32")


Whether you are heading away for a multi-stop European vacation, a cruise, or just a weekend camping trip to the lake, luggage tags and name labels are an essential travel accessory for making sure your bags, personal items and luggage don’t get lost in the shuffle. So many bags and suitcases look alike, and it’s crucial to distinguish your bag from all the others when at the baggage carousel. Our Travel Label Pack is ideal for making sure not only your luggage is safe, but also for keeping your toiletries and cosmetics organized.   

We all know how difficult it can be to lose something, and even harder when you’re away from home. Replacing items while travelling can be pricey, so the simple solution is labeling all your items. That way, next time you have a pair of sunglasses on the beach, you know they’ll stay in the right hands. You’ll find that our name labels and luggage labels are super cute and fun to customize, with their variety of colors, travel icons, and personalization options available. From personalized luggage labels to coordinating the family’s labels with matching sets, there are plenty of options out there.  

Our Bag Tags provide a simple solution to the risk of loss, enabling you to put your name, number and address on all of your bags and items, ensuring you’ll arrive home again with all your belongings and travel bags.  

Features of all our Travel Labels:

-Laundry-proof (washer and dryer safe!)
-Waterproof & Weatherproof
-Easy to Apply
-An Adhesive that Stays Stuck
-High-Performance Vinyl, Won’t Rip or Peel  
-Personalized & Custom Designs with Travel Icons
-Easy to Order 
-FREE Shipping on All Travel Label Orders
-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed     

How to protect yourself with labels when travelling:

Kids Safety ID Bracelets:

You can never be too safe when travelling with kids. Places like theme parks, zoos and campsites can be busy, and the thought of losing a child can be frightening. A simple solution is providing your child with a safety ID bracelet they can wear that has your contact information to help lessen the panic of being separated in a crowd.

Custom Medical Tags:
When away from home, it’s more crucial than usual to make sure that all medical concerns are highly visible in case of an emergency. We highly encourage parents to prepare and give yourself peace of mind with our Custom Medical Tags. They are easily customizable medical bag tags with space for your medical concern, name and contact information to keep kids safe wherever they may travel to.

Contact Info Labels:

Not only should your luggage be labelled but making sure that all of your important belongings inside labelled also.  When traveling this is the easiest way of making sure that lost items can find their way back to you. These rectangular labels have enough space for a name and contact number, making them perfect for putting on your expensive electronics, glasses cases, headphones and more.

Why You'll Love Mabel's Labels Travel Labels:

They Stay Stuck. Our Bag Tags, Luggage Tags and Travel Labels won’t let you down. They’re all made of high-performance vinyl that will not rip, peel or bubble. They’re guaranteed to survive the family vacation (even if you barely do).

Simple Ordering Process. We want to make sure that ordering your Travel Labels and Luggage Tags is almost as much fun as the trip itself. Our ordering process lets you choose from a wide variety of icons and styles in fun travel themes. You get an automatic preview of your order as you build it to ensure that you’re loving the labels before you purchase them.   

Satisfaction Guaranteed
. We like to make it right. If you aren’t satisfied with your labels for travel, we’ll do our very best to make it right. Our customer service team is always happy to help.

Free Shipping. You can’t travel for free, but your labels sure can!

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