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Kids' Activities

  1. Kids’ Recreation Sports Label Pack
    Kids’ Recreation Sports Label Pack

    Durable, waterproof, sweatproof name labels are used to avoid stinky mix-ups and lost sports gear.

    large wraparound label (ideal to wrap around a water bottle) 20.95 x 2.54 cm
    rectangular labels 6.7 x 1.3cm
    tag-mates 0.95 x 1.8cm
    footwear labels for 2 pairs 3.13cm
    bag tag 5.5 x 6.4 cm
  2. Kids’ Competitive Sports Label Pack
    Kids’ Competitive Sports Label Pack

    Durable, waterproof name labels for competitive sports – enough labels to cover all the uniforms and equipment. Labels to match jersey numbers, and make sure all gear returns to the right player.

    large wraparound label (ideal to wrap around a water bottle) 20.95 x 2.54cm
    rectangular labels 6.7 x 1.3cm
    tag-mates 0.95 x 1.8cm
    footwear labels for 4 pairs 3.13cm
    bag tag 5.5 x 6.4cm
    square labels 5.08cm
    half-circle labels (perfect for the top of a water bottle) 5.1 x 2.6cm
    small round labels 2.4cm
  3. Large Label Combo
    Large Label Combo

    The best value pack for parents with lots of items to label for school, camp or daycare.

    Large Rectangle Labels 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4" x 5/8")
    Tag MatesTMStick On Clothing Labels 21mm x 10mm (13/16" x 3/8")
    Shoe Labels (6 pair) 33mm (1.3")
    Personalized Plastic Mini Tags 25.4mm x 33.02mm (1" x 1-3/10")
  4. Water Bottle Bands
    Water Bottle Bands

    Personalized, reusable bottle bands that stretch to fit snugly over water bottles.

    • Small: diameter is 55mm (2.16"); overall dimensions are 180mm x 25mm x 2mm (7" x 1" x .08").
    • Large: diameter is 63.75mm (2.51"); overall dimensions are 200mm x 25mm x 2mm (7.87" x 1" x .08").
  5. Dance Label Pack
    Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels

    The perfect label pack for all the expensive dance gear that goes to and from dance lessons and competitions.

    Tag MatesTM Stick On Clothing Labels 21mm x 10mm (13/16" x 3/8")
    Shoe Labels (2 pair) 33mm (1.3")
  6. Plant and Garden Markers
    Plant and Garden Markers

    Weatherproof plant labels and wooden sticks for organizing your family’s vegetable garden.

    Labels 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4” x 5/8”)
    Wood Craft Sticks 15.24cm x 1.75cm (6” x 11/16”)
    Special Price $8.50 Regular Price $17.00


Kids after school activities are a big part of parenting life. You chauffeur kids around from soccer to football to scouts and dance. It takes organization, and time… and labels!  A big part of being organized and saving yourself money is labelling all the gear, the equipment, clothing and shoes needed for all these kids’ sports and dance.  

Mabel’s Labels knows exactly what kids’ activities involve and we have made your life easier by setting up the perfect kids name label value pack for each of the kids’ sports. So, you’ll know that you’ll have enough labels for dance competition and recitals or getting through your kids’ hockey season. 

Kids' Sports and Dance Labels Features: 

-Laundry-proof (washer and dryer safe)
-Dishwasher Safe 
-Waterproof & Weatherproof
-Easy to Apply
-An Adhesive that Stays Stuck
-High-Performance Vinyl, Won’t Rip or Peel  
-Personalized & Custom Designs
-Easy to Order 
-FREE Shipping on All Kids' Activities Label Orders
-100% Satisfaction Guaranteed    
-Coach & Teacher Approved


Dance & Cheer Labels
This label pack has everything you’ll need to label all the gear that comes with dance season. From dance recitals to dance and cheer competition, there is a lot to label. From shoes, to bows and eyeliner. It can so easily get lost and mixed up. Mabel’s Labels Dance Value Pack will keep all your child’s stuff organized and will ensure that it goes into the correct makeup or garment bag.    

Looking for garment bag labels? Check out our Large Square Labels that are ideal for labelling Dance Garment Bags!


Football Labels
On game day, your kids aren’t thinking about keeping their gear together, they’ve got their head in the game. But don’t worry, if all your football gear is labelled with our Football Label Value Pack you don’t have to worry about a water bottle mix-up. This football label pack has all the name labels you need for all the equipment, from shoulder pads, helmets, cleats and more this label combo pack has your player covered. 


Baseball Label Pack
Kids lose stuff, it’s inevitable. This baseball season make sure you have all your bases covered with our Baseball Label Pack. This label pack is customizable for team colors and gives space for players numbers. This sports value pack has all the name labels you’ll need to make sure all helmets, gloves, uniforms, water bottles and bats are properly labelled. Your kid will be so organized this season they won’t need to think about lost equipment and can focus on getting to the big leagues!

Hockey Label Pack
It’s hard to keep your stick on the ice when you don’t know which stick yours is. Avoid sports equipment mix ups with our Hockey Name Label Pack. This sports label pack has everything you’ll need to keep your gear organized all season long. These Hockey labels are fully customizable with team colors, icons and space to add in your jersey number.  They’re sweatproof and will even stay stuck to sweaty hockey gloves!    

Check out all our Kids’ Sports Label combo packs above.

A Few Reasons You’ll Love our Sports and Activities Labels: 

Coach Approved. Coaches don’t want to be tracking down your kids’ equipment or making sure a righty is holding a righty stick. They have enough on their plates, let’s help them out by sticking name labels on all your kid’s sports gear, it will ensure that your child is using (and sweating in) their own equipment. It just makes team life easier and let’s the team focus on the game, and not the lost equipment.

They Stay Stuck. It’s gross how sweaty hockey gloves can be. We can promise you that our labels will stay stuck through it all. We wish we could promise you that we could take the stink out of a hockey bag, but all we can promise is that the stinky equipment will at least belongs to your kid. Those labels will stay stuck on the ice, when wet, through the wash. We promise.

Ordering Made Simple. We want to make sure that you have fun ordering your labels as much as your love your name labels themselves and your kids do, too! Our ordering process lets you choose from a wide variety of designs and styles in an easy to use way. You get an automatic preview of your order as you build it to ensure that you’re loving the labels you chose. Our Sports Name Labels also allow you to add in a jersey number, making it even easier to identify quickly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. We like to make it right. If you aren’t satisfied with your Kids' Sports or Dance Labels, we’ll do our very best to make it right. Our customer service team is always cheerful and ready to help. 

Free Shipping. Kids' Sports cost enough already, we’re here to save you money with free shipping on all our kids’ sports, dance and cheer name labels.

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