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Clothing Labels

  1. Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels
    Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels

    Laundry-safe labels that peel and stick to clothing tags. No ironing or sewing required!

    Labels 21mm x 10mm (13/16” x 3/8”)
    Labels 22mm x 18.75mm (7/8” x 3/4”)
    Special Price $15.00 Regular Price $23.00
  2. Clothing Label Pack
    Clothing Label Pack

    A combination of laundry-safe clothing and shoe labels for identifying all the articles of clothing you send to school or daycare.

    Shoe Labels 1.3”
  3. Iron-On Clothing Labels
    Iron On Clothing Labels

    Laundry-safe labels that iron on to keep family laundry sorted and organized. A perfect solution for towels, socks and tagless clothing.

    Iron-On Labels 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2" x 5/16")
    Special Price $18.40 Regular Price $23.00
  4. Shoe Labels
    Custom Shoe Stickers

    Durable and sweatproof circular labels that peel and stick to the insoles of shoes.

    Labels 33mm (1.3”)
  5. Preschool Shoe Labels
    Preschool Shoe Labels

    Durable labels for shoes in familiar shapes so kids put their shoes on the right feet. The best way to teach left from right!

    Labels mixed dimensions
  6. Preschool Clothing Label Pack
    Preschool Clothing Label Pack

    A combo full of laundry-safe labels for all your preschooler’s clothing and shoes.

    Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels 21mm x 10mm (13/16” x 3/8”)
    Preschool Shoe Labels mixed dimensions
  7. School Uniform Label Pack
    Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels

    A label pack full of laundry-safe clothing and shoe labels to identify look-alike uniforms.

    Shoe Labels (2 pair) 1.3"

Clothing Labels

It’s amazing when you first have a baby how many clothes you get, then they go off to daycare and they go through two or more outfits a day, because toddlers are equal parts lovely and filthy. They off to school, kids’ activities, gym class and dance and sports. Then the season change, and you get winter clothing, and mittens and boots. Have you ever stopped to think just how much there truly is, loads! It’s endless. Now just image if you had to replace a jacket per year, or the gym clothes every other month because they got mixed-up with the others. Or that uniform that looks like all the other gets into the hands of the wrong kid, and there is no way of claiming it as yours.

Well, there is a way. Labeling all your kids clothing will help keep all the clothes in the right hand. Clothing Labels are cute, laundry safe and will last the lifetime of the clothing they’re on. Labels are the easiest way of ensuring that you don’t need to replace the clothing you buy. They investment of a pack of clothing labels is less than the cost of replacing one piece of clothing, a great investment.

Mabel’s Labels have been awarded the best children’s clothing labels numerous times. Many of our combo packs that include some of the best clothing labels have been awarded the National Parenting Products Award. They’re made with a durable vinyl that won’t rip or peel. The best feature that parents love the most, is that they’ll survive through the wash time and time and time again. As parents, we understand how many loads of laundry there is when you have kids!

Our best seller and personal favourite, Tag Mates are perfect and here is why:

  • Peel and stick makes them easy to apply
  • Laundry safe, they won’t come off in the dryer either!
  • They easily stick to the care tag, making them discreet, yet easy to see.
  • Perfect for gym clothes, jackets, sweaters.
  • These labels can also work perfectly on stuffed animals or anything with a care label.

We always here how happy parents are with our labels. We got so much feedback saying how they love our both our clothing labels and our shoe labels, so we listened and created a Clothing Label Combo Pack where you can purchase our best-selling clothing labels as well as our shoe labels, in one great combo with excellent value. If you have kids with a lot of shoes as well as clothing you want labelled, this is a great option for you.

Our clothing labels, when used properly, won’t fall off. The greatest part is, if you happen to have a piece of clothing that didn’t get worn out, and you want to use it for the next kiddo, no worries- with a little effort you can remove the name label and hand-down the article of clothing and simply add a new label to the clothing! We love seeing clothes last multiple lifetimes!

Although our Peel and stick labels are award-winning and amazing, we also understand that not all kids clothing has a care tag these days. Don’t fret! We have iron-on labels also. They are always to helpful to have on-hand for when you notice that the article of clothing doesn’t have a care tag, but you still need to label it. Iron-on clothing labels are also machine-washable and will survive just fine in the dryer. They have the same durability as our vinyl labels and the same cute designs and great selection of icons, styles and colours.

We have raved about the excellent function and practical uses of having clothing labels. But there is something to be said about just how adorable and customizable our labels are. Let’s be real, this is the best part. Choosing a clothing label can be such a fun process and we’ve done our very best to ensure that we have a wide variety of designs, styles, icons and colours. When buying your labels make sure to take some time to look through all of our amazing options of designs. If you have a kid who’s into animals, we have labels for that! Sports - we have a label for that! Are they into cute emoji’s- we have a label for that too! Check out our cutest preschool designs here. The Preschool label clothing pack has some super cute shoe labels that help teach your kids left foot from right foot by using a match up design which makes it simple for toddlers to learn which foot their shoe goes on.

Let us know what labels you like best, and we LOVE hearing stories of how our labels have made life a little more organized or reunited your kids to their lost clothing.

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